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The Raider's Confessional

Sep 19, 2017

Episode 12: Simulation, Stat Weights, and Gear Selection Part 2 with AskMrRobot




This is the twelfth episode of the The Raider's Confessional. This week Ryan is joined by his co-hosts, Dan and Cole as well as special guests, Zoop, Swol, and Yellow.  This week the guys talk about the work that these three do over at AskMrRobot, simulation, stat weights, and gear selection. 


Ryan and Cole have been playing WoW for a very long time together and Dan is a new acquaintance.  Each one of the guys have their own unique way in which they view the game and a methodology to their approach to raiding.




Whilst Dan, Cole, and Ryan are in the same mythic raiding guild, Yellow, Swol, and Zoop do their own thing in game in their own guild on top lots and lots of theory crafting and work with the AskMrRobot system for simming your character and making gear selections.  In this episode the gang dives into some of the more complex issues with simming and gear selection such as legendaries, trinkets, and more.  They also dive into some of the more shiny features that AMR has to offer that other sites and simulators don’t.  After closing out these topics the group visits some questions from players and some faq people might have for AMR.




As the group winds down the conversation the TRC guys couldn’t be more pumped about what AMR has to offer now and are excited to see some of the feedback you all have to offer.




Thank you so much for listening.  We certainly hope you found our banter worth while to listen to.  This has been an idea for quite some time now and we are super excited to be able to make this happen.  We don't know what the future holds but a lot of that is dependent on you the listeners.  Any feedback you all can give us will be more than appreciated.  Again, thank you for listening and we will talk to you in the next episode.


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You can get in touch with the guys (make sure to mention Cole, he loves it) through the show's e-mail at

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Ryan: You can find me over at the other podcast I do called, Blizzard Umbrella, a podcast that talks about all of Blizzard's games.
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AMR:  You can finder Zoop, Yellow, and Swol over on their Discord server, Twitter, Facebook, and even their website.













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