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The Raider's Confessional

Aug 16, 2017

Episode 10: stops by for a visit!




This is the tenth episode of the The Raider's Confessional. This week Ryan is joined by his co-hosts, Dan and Cole as well as special guests, Jah and Ulsoga.  This week the guys talk about the work that these two do over at and how all their raid and mythic plus ranking/tracking works as well as their discord bot.  The guys also touch on some of the relevant news this week.


All three of the guys have been playing WoW for a very long time now, some as long as the beta stages of Vanilla.  Each one of the guys have their own unique way in which they view the game and a methodology to their approach to raiding.


Whilst Dan, Cole, and Ryan are in the same mythic raiding guild, Jah and Ulsoga run their own small guild that concentrates its’ efforts in the heroic raid scene, on top of the work they do.  Once upon a time these two created the first automated progress site, wowjutsu.  After having to step away due to some rl conflicts they are back stronger than ever with their new rendition,  Their site tracks everything from raid progress, mythic plus scores, and even has a discord bot you can bring in to your own discord server to announce World 1sts in dugeons and the raid race as well as announcing your own guilds or a guild of your choosing, personal progress.  They all sorts of questions like what motivated them to create their site, how it all works, and even possible future plans.




As the group wind down the conversation they take a small amount of time to discuss the news about catch up mechanics coming in 7.3.




Thank you so much for listening.  We certainly hope you found our banter worth while to listen to.  This has been an idea for quite some time now and we are super excited to be able to make this happen.  We don't know what the future holds but a lot of that is dependent on you the listeners.  Any feedback you all can give us will be more than appreciated.  Again, thank you for listening and we will talk to you in the next episode.


Where to find us:


You can get in touch with the guys (make sure to mention Cole, he loves it) through the show's e-mail at

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Ryan: You can find me over at the other podcast I do called, Blizzard Umbrella, a podcast that talks about all of Blizzard's games.
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            Twitch – mcirishgaming


Dan: You can find Dan on both twitter and twitch.  Dan streams the guild's raids every Tuesday and Thursday 9PM EST – 12 EST and some times on Sunday(same time).
            Twitter - @jaxngad1125
            Twitch – jaxngad1125  You can finder Jah and Ulsoga over on their Discord server, Twitter, Facebook, and even their website.